At Karmic Aviaries Mick & Karin also keep,grow and breed a range of Plants. Of these Mick's Favorites would be the Adeniums sp and Hybrids.

Hope that you like these pictures that are here.

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This is a tray of randomly sow seed in a seedling tray

This a tray of individually sow seed in seed punents

These are very small side shoots cuttings that I have root their trunks were less then 1centermeter long below is a photo of these side shoots after four weeks and they ahve been well rooted with root around 3 cm long.

This is a white star one of our seedlings

and the one below is Blood Star both are from the same seed pod



This is Miss Tawain grafted


This a frosted pink.seedling

This is a lovely Red, Pink & white

This one has a lovely yellow throat with pink and red to the outer edge

I must say I like this one


This is another species a really lovely mauve pink


Some Adeniums planted in Bonsai pots and bowls

A multi trunk ed grafted waiting for the grafts to flower the seed pod is from the main stem

A lovely seed pod This a red flowering with wide crinkly leaf and I have pollinated with a white star.


First flowering from seed.

here it is in full flower















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