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One Stack Pottery


Basilisk Online Gallery

Owned and operators by Mick and Karin Blake

The name of my Pottery and Gallery some up most of my work

Basilisk & Gallery is named after the Leathery spiked winged Roster with the tail of a Serpent. The Basilisk is a mystical creature that dwells in the Libyan desert, it's breath would scorches and blacken grass,trees and shrubs and rocks would split open in its presence. A glance from the Basilisk blood red eye would kill the strongest warrior. So as I use clay, rock, leather, steel and fire in my pottery and sculptures, and as some people believe that a single glance from my eyes would kill. I think that the name Basilisk Gallery is most appropriate.

I draw all of my inspirations from the Ancient ones, the ones that have gone before from me to Valhalla {Viking for heaven}. Be it Chieftains, Warriors, Serf & Oracles they all inspirer my mind, which inspirers my hands, which in turns listens to the clay as it talks to me, which helps me shape its form and release it beauty .

Some say I'm touched other say he's Crazy

One Stack Pottery & Basilisk Gallery is owned and operator by Mick and Karin Blake

Commission Work Accepted

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All work shown here is by Mick Blake of Basilisk Gallery Baree Queensland. MjBlake

The Potter's Prayer
My God of the kiln, hallowed be thy name and may good firings come
Keep me in bliss on the broad easy road that the dragon leadeth me down
Show me not responsibility or accountability and deaden my conscience
Let me rely on others yet protect me from the consequences of their advice

Lord though I understand not materials or oxides or the basic mechanisms
Let me strike blindly that therein you may reveal your deep mysteries to me
Though I've walked through the valley of failure and despair
Let me not concern myself with questions about why I stay on this road.

Give me hope that the 'roulette wheel' of recipes will satisfy my needs
That my reputation will weather all manner of quality that I produce
Help me use up my stock of materials from years of testing strange recipes
Though I have entertained the undocumented and temperamental formula
Though I have trafficked in recipes, misleading others and being mislead
Forgive me as I have forgiven those who have misled me.

Amen. by Tony Hansen from http://digitalfire.com/

Mick also makes false rocks

These false rocks will cost you by the hour and this is $45.00 per hour plus materials

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