We breed Limited numbers of

White-bellied Caiques

At Karmic Aviaries we keep and breed a range of parrots. But the one group that get the most comments are for the members of the Pionites family in which we have kept one species of Caiques and after only keeping these little gems for only a couple years we could see us specializing Caiques

Black-Headed Caiques & White-Bellied Caiques



These little chaps will win your heart, but they price is now (2011)1/3 of what if was ten years ago and now pet male can be bought for $2000 or less. and pair for less than $5,000 a pair or less for White-bellied Caiques,

Caiques were still very rare in aviculture in Australia up until about two year ago 2008/09 season when a few people some how breed large numbers of both black headed and white-bellied Caiques, but are now being breed in ever increasing number each year so they will soon be available for all to keep. this will take around two years or little more.

We love these guys


We breed Limited numbers of

White-bellied Caiques



Our Caiques diet here at Karmic Aviaries

Fruit and Veggies we feed the Caiques -Bananas, cucumbers, apple, silver beet, capsicum, orange, peaches, pears, grapes,

mango, paw paw, passion fruit, rock melon, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini,

broccoli, corn, peas and sprouted seed about a tablespoon mixed through the mix. 

They receive about a 1/4 of a cup each day when not breeding and as much as required when breeding. 

They also receive about 2 or 3 slices of apple in the afternoon. 

When breeding the amount of apple is also increased.


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We are NOT OPEN to the Public

This means we are a closed flock Facility and for Quarantine purpose no visitor allowed

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