Calicium & Mineral Blocks

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Calicium & Mineral Blocks

This an Article I over 20 + years ago, I have also made a few videos on making these blocks

Blakey's Mineral Blocks
© Mick Blake 1987
500g plaster of Paris (* see warning above)
500g Calcium Carbonate
1 cup oyster shell or medicated grit
1 tsp Kelp (find at a health food store)
¼ tbs salt
2 ½ cup water
Mix this fast and have containers ready, small plastic takeaway bowls, Yoghurt tubs or old ice cube trays work great. If you want to bolt them or twist tie them to the cage make sure you push the bolt or tie in while mix is wet. I don’t use any wire in my block as I have had birds caught up and lost birds and legs this way. After they are set, smack the containers to release them I let my cure for a couple weeks to dry out...

Note you can add Bonemeal, Charcoal (must be from clean untreated timber), crushed egg shells that have been microwave for 5 minutes or little stick etc for birds to play with make sure these are not poisonous to your birds and you can add vegetable dyes to your block to add a little colour to your aviaries.

mainly parts so say you use a cup as your part watch the video again and write down the parts of each component and you can changee it to suityourselflf like add lesdolomitete and add more Calcium Carbonate, leave out the medicated shell grit and add 3 X the amount of fine shell grit or leave out the seaweed meal and add in charcoal power that is food grade. dulse is a red seaweed harvested in the cool waters along Atlantic coast of Canada and also along the shores of Ireland and Norway.

Karmic CalBlock for Sale

Small blocks $2.50 ea

Med Blocks $ 5.80 ea

Large Blocks $10.00ea

Minamum order $20.00 of blocks

Plus Postage (Aust Post) a cost


Call 0448970767 on orders



Price 2012 from Raw Materials
Seaweed meal .= $0.95 per 50g

Med Shell grit = $2.40 per kg

fine shell grit = $2.40 per kg

Dolomite = $1.10 per kg

aglime$1.10 per kg
Calcium Carbonate 1kg bag $12.50
Calcium Carbonate 5kg bag $24.50

Plaster of Paris (casing plaster) 20kg $32.90









We are NOT OPEN to the Public

This means we are a closed flock Facility and for Quarantine purpose no visitor allowed.