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Feeding Page

At Karmic Aviaries we are working hard to increase the ease that we can feed and maintain our birds in top breeding condition here in our Aviaries these are some of the simple things that we here at Karmic Aviaries are employing to make life a lot easer so we have more time to enjoy our beautiful birds. This page will be constantly update over time us we are able to substantiate new techniques soon check from time to time.

HARI Hagen Tropican Hand Feeding Formula


Baby Formula Preparation

Baby Brooder



ºC........................... ºF

Baby Age (Days)





21+ To weaning



90% / 10%

85% / 15%

80% / 20%

75% / 25%




35.5-36.5.................... 96-98

33.5-34.5..................... 92-94

30.0-32.5..................... 86-90

27.0-30.0..................... 80-86


Just add hot water to dry formula and mix.

Syringes are usually used to shoot the food into the crop of the bird. Hold the babies head loosely by placing a finger on both sides of the beak and the back of the head. Place the tip of the feeding syringe into the left side of the birds mouth and once the bird gives a feeding response (head pumping) shoot the food towards the back of the head. This procedure is relatively safe but requires some practice before it is done without a mess. The advantage of syringes is that a separate one can be used for each clutch of babies so that if one pair produces diseased offspring it doesn't spread to the other babies.



Here above are some corn on the cob and Celery

Here above are some frozen Peas & corn

plus sprouted seed mixes

Here above are some corn & celery

Here is a tub of fresh in season fruits like

Mangoes, Paw-Paws, Oranges

and corn on the cob

plus the bottle in our Nectar mix of our Lorikeets



Paw-paw, Red Apples, Corn on the Cob some main feed items.


Some cut up fruit & Veggies and sprout mix,


Here is one of twice a day feed buckets



Peas Corn and Sprout seed Mix.