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Mr Michael. J . Blake


Karmic Kak's

Red-fronted Pieds Kakakarkis


Karmic Aviaries have been breeding kakariki for a long time now 24 years, the last 20 year we have been breeding them 690 km north of Brisbane, about 20km below the tropic of Capricorn. Where In winter we get temperatures down well below zero {-7°C}plus some really good frosts. In Summer we can get temperature of around 45°C+ Plus and the Kaks handle the heat fine, as good as ringnecks or amazons. We bought our first red-fronted normal back 1986 from Noel Gannley at Jointer QLd, and in the early 1990's we bought the some first cinnamon from Bruce Brown Newcastle area, Form these cinnamon's we breed a few what I called white flighted pied cinnamon's, And then a while ago we bought some mottled pieds (which we no longer breed) plus some really lovely Pied/black eye clear (which in my opinion are really reversed pied's)from Steve at Kaka Connection in Melbourne these some of the best Pied Kak's in Australia.


Truly beautiful birds

My wife Karin call her pied Kaks' as her Butterflies,

It's not hard to see why.

Hen Pied coming to sit on her eggs

Sitting tightly


Nice big clutch of 8 eggs no bad for her first nest,

this hen hatch all 8 chicks but we lost two chicks, which is not bad for a madden hen,

Mum & Bubs

One chick as red eyes


Six nice pieds not a lot of green

Nice Pied Cockbird


Reversed pied or Black eye Clear this a cinnamon clear


More Photos will be added latter.

Look at the spot of black skin on the white pied feet nice cockbird pied Kak



Hen pied Kak these young are at the age when the hen is looking to lay another clutch that why two nest are the key to breediong kaks. the hen will go and lay in the second box and the male will feed and look after this clutch and the hen will sit on the next lot of eggs.

This one happy camper , Karin and a clutch of her beloved Pied Kaks.