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Mr Michael. J. Blake


Aves-Neonatal Research Center


At Aves-Neonatal Research Center we are working hard to increase the ease that we can feed and maintain our birds in top breeding condition here in our research aviaries these are some of the simple things that we here at Aves-Neonatal,, are employing to make life a lot easer so we can pass this information on so that you can have more time to enjoy your beautiful birds.

We are also trialing new incubators and new feeding habits and routines for feed chicks from the egg to weaning.

We have been hatching and hand rasing from the egg for over nine years and hand raising for over 25 years, we have averaged around 350 chick per year for the last 9 years and in two season managed over 500 chick per year, so over the last 9yrs we have averaged over 3150+ chicks,

This page will be constantly update over time us we are able to substantiate new techniques, so check from time to time.


Firstly we will look at storage of egg prior to incubation and the way you mannually turn eggs in your incubator,




Young Scarlet Macaws being fed by Mick


Young Scarlet Macaws week latter being fed by Mick

Young Scarlet Macaws four weeks latter

Young Scarlet Macaws seven weeks latter being fed by Mick

Same Young Scarlet Macaws fully weaned raised by Mick

Karin getting cuddle by a couple Hahn's Macaws

Karmic Entreprises

ABN: 38 403 368 709

Karmic Avicultural Hand Raising and Incubation Service

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