Malabar Parrots

Psittacula columboides

© Mick Blake, Baree Mt Morgan


Here some photos of our Malabars,

Now for the Size of Malabars average is 38 cm (15 ins)
Wild Distribution: southwest India, north of Bombay south to Kerala.

Natural diet: seeds, fruits (figs), small nuts, berries, leaf buds, flowers, pollen and nectar; regularly visits Erythrina and Grevillea for pollen and nectar.

Breeding behaviour: breeding season from January to March; prefers to nest in tall ironwood trees (Mesua ferrea); uses old woodpecker and barbet nestholes, which are sometimes enlarged; nest lined with wood dust and small pieces of wood; clutch 3 to 4 eggs; egg measures 28.3 x 24.5 mm (1.11 x 0.95 ins).

Aviculture: medium-noisy parakeet only occasionally noisy; initially shy; becomes confiding slowly; newly imported bird very susceptible; must be acclimatised carefully; only active in spacious aviary; communal aviary with other Psittacula species only possible outside breeding season; bathes little; but enjoys light rain in outside flight; likes nibbling fresh branches; occasionally aggressive to partner; sensitive to cold, wet conditions.

Accommodation: outside flight 3 x 1 x 2 m (9 x 3 x 6 ft) with adjoining inside aviary; can be planted; minimum temperature 10°C (50°F), not less than 24°C (75°F) during acclimatisation; provide roosting box (22 x 22 x 60 cm (9 x 9 x 24 ins).

Diet: seed mix of safflower, wild bird food, buckwheat, some sunflower, various millets, canary grass seed, oats and hemp; millet spray, also sprouted; plenty of fruit (mango, apple, pear, figs, grapefruit); greenfood and vegetables (carrot, capsicum, cucumber); eggfood and biscuit for rearing.

Breeding in aviculture: seldom achieved; clutch 3 to 4 eggs; incubation 23 days; fledging period 6 weeks; young independent after 21 days; male occasionally aggressive towards female; sometimes sensitive to nestbox inspection.


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Young Cockbird at about 15mth of age



Young Henbird at about 15mth of age


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