Karmic at Mt Morgan and Baree

Karmic Aviaries
"Papagei Paradise"
We are NOT OPEN to the General Public
This means we are a closed flock Facility and for Quarantine purpose only visitor allowed by Appointment.
Ph: 0448 970767


Karmic Aviaries is located On top of a spur that run down to Dairy Creek near the top of Razorback spur 6.7km north west of Mt Morgan . Our property is slightly higher then the township itself. We are about fifty meters higher that the town itself.


  • Name of our Aviaries is Karmic Aviaries {Karin & Mick's Aviaries}
  • Name of our Property is "Papagei Paradise" which is German for Parrots Paradise this from my wife Karin's Deutschland heritage.
  • Name of Our House is "THE NOISEY MINERS COTTAGE"

If we were French our Property name would be

"Pardise des perroquets"


Which sound just lovely to us.

The township of Mount Morgan's 3500 residents enjoy a relaxed country life style with the Capricorn coast {Yeppoon 75km east of us} with it great beaches plus the Keppel group of Islands and their regional center the City of Rockhampton only minutes away {32km south west}.

Nestled in the Dee range 240 meters (787ft) above sea level, Mount Morgan has a very lovely climate with lovely fresh mountain breezes. We are just about 20km below the tropic of Capricorn, In winter we get temperatures down well below zero {-7°C}plus some really good frosts. In Summer we can get temperature of around 45°C+ Plus, we also can get some really wild storms that snap 100 feet high gum trees in half like a match stick. But we love


We live on Eclectus Ave Baree.


Satellite Pic's from Google Earth


Here is a beautiful Sunrise on a cool winters morning this was take by myself at 5:40am on the 13/07/2006

On the 13 August 2001

We applied and had approved and our Development Application, We are approved for 250 breeding pairs and the young from anyone year. We also had our Seedling & Fruit tree Nursery plus Life style Research & Education center as well as Farm Stay approved at the same time. This all took just over three months and we had to past E.P.A approval as well D.P.I approval. The approval on the bird was sort as we all know that HOBBIES can and do get out of hand.

Four years later and the hobby has gone mad


On Saturday the 5 February 2005


The D6 super cat Bulldozer finally turn up and started work on a new Aviary pad

This pad extends from our old block land over on to our new block that we only just bought

This pad is around thirty meters wide and around 100meters long

The dozer had to come with in inches of some of our Aviaries the bird were not fazed

We were very lucky and the dozer did not hit any larger rocks

The Dozer worked for around 8 hours and moved over 3800 cubic metres of top soil


Here Bill Murray floating of a walk way slab for one of our new complexes


Here myself on the roof screwing of the sheets and yapping on the Phone




Here Bill hard at it again


Here some new Complexes finished and full of birds.



Here above is a bank of young bird suspended cages


Here above is a bank of suspended cages housing Lorikeet Mutations

Here above is a bank of three suspended cages and frame just

in the first phase of construction

Here are some progressive photos of the new set of cages




Here my elder son Gary is learning to weld so Dad can retire, Gary is now 18+yrs old and is a great welder.


Here I'm installing the back window in the walk way

Here the roof is now on and the back wall is being claded.


Smoky sun set after a bush fire

Frosted morning mid winter

This photo was taken at 8:30am on the 16/07/2007

Bloody cold this is at 8:30am

Sunrise on a frosted car.
A bit of history of the town and mine at Mt Morgan
Over a 108 year period, Mount Morgan produced 240 tonnes of gold, 55 tonnes of silver and 360,000 tonnes of copper. However, these riches came at a great price. For example there was approximately, three million tonnes of tailings were discharged into the Dee River in the 1920's. Which have now just this year been removed at a cost of over Six million dollars.

A small view of part of the township of Mt Morgan


A view of out towards the old mine site.

One of Mt Morgan's little Secret #7Dam or as the local call it the Big Dam

This were the towns water comes from. Boat and motor size is restricted, the largest petrol/diesel motor that can be use is a 4hp.The Big Dam is also stocked with some great fish. Like Yellow-Bellies, Silver & Golden Perch, Saratoga, Freshwater Dew & Red Claws


I think some people think I'm full of crap when I brag about our Big Dam and our little fish well to all of the doubting Thomas's suck a white dudes,

Here is Ross Thompson holding a little Mt Morgan Yellow-Belly Nice one Luke Caught in #7 Dam


Here is Kelly Thompson who is Ross & Luke's Dad with a little Yellow-belly nice one Kel, Now this one is a Mount Morgan Bred in #7 Dam


Another little Yellow-belly This one is a Mount Morgan Bred in #7 Dam help by Luke Thompson


Sportfish-man eat your hearts out here is a top Saratoga catch in #7 Dam Mount Morgan, Great one Ross Thompson, Please remember Saratoga are crap to eat and are full of bones, So take a few photos and release them straight back a LIVE into the dam to be caught again


Mount Morgan Big Dam Red Claws



Many Thanks to Thompson Family of Golden Mount Store James Street Mount Morgan for these photos.
Thank you for Fishing at Mount Morgan.