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Mutation Lorikeets
at Karmic Aviaries




At Karmic Aviaries we keep and breed a range of parrots. But the one group that get the most comments are for the members of the Loriinae family in which we have kept any species of Exotic Lorries but have now specialized in mutation Rainbows Lorikeets in

Green & Yellow Pied, Olive & Buttercup Pieds(Grey-green pieds), Lutino

PLUS Lutino Scaly's


We are NOT OPEN to the General Public

This means we are a closed flock Facility and for Quarantine purpose only visitor allowed by Appointment.



Our Lorikeet diet here at Karmic Aviaries

Fruit and Veggies we feed the lorikeets -Bananas, cucumbers, apple, silver beet, capsicum, orange, peaches, pears, grapes,

mango, paw paw, passion fruit, rock melon, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini,

broccoli, corn, peas and sprouted seed about a tablespoon mixed through the mix. 

They receive about a 1/4 of a cup each day when not breeding and as much as required when breeding. 

They also receive about 2 or 3 slices of apple in the afternoon. 

When breeding the amount of apple is also increased.

Nectar  Mix


1          packet Heinz High Protein Cereal ™.

1/2       cup dextrose (sugar supplement)

1/2       cup Maltogen (available from chemist) ™.

1/4       cup raw sugar

1/2       cup good quality skim milk powder

Heaped teaspoon Avian Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

Dry  Mix


2          cups Heinz Rice Cereal  ™

2          cups Rice Flour

2          cups Egg and Biscuit

1          cup dextrose

1          teaspoon Avian Multi-vitamin power

1/4       cup Sustagen Gold (French Vanilla Flavor)™.

1          tablespoon Natural Powdered Brewers' Yeast (Cenovis) ™.

1          Tablespoon Calcium powder (complete). ™.


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