At Karmic Aviaries Mick & Karin also keep and breed a range of Plants. Here are some photos showing the growth rates that we get in the sub-tropics.

This is Variegated Ban yan fig the stick that Gary holding is six feet tall. this tree was planted just over twelve month ago and was only 12 inches high

This is bowen mango this trees was planted 16 month ago and was as think as a pencil and about 6 inches high and is now over seven feet high



This garden was plant out at the same time as the mango tree above all from tube stock some of these flame trees are now over ten feet high


This Paw-Paw is only 12 months old and has about twenty fruit on and is over ten feet tall


The is a gadagie Eucalyptus which is two year old and only get rain fall planted from tube stock it's now around seven feet high.