These My First Solo Exhibitions which was held in both Mt Morgan School of Art Building from 22nd - 28th October 2006 & Rockhampton Walter Reid Cultural Centre 19th - 25th November2006 both Exhibitions ran for Seven Days each with over 500 people viewing these Exhibitions

At Basilisk Gallery I use clay, rock, leather, steel and fire in my pottery and sculptures. Here in my kilns I find some fire The bearth of the Basilisk. I draw all of my inspirations from the Ancient ones, the ones that have gone before from me to Valhalla {Heaven for Vikings and Vikings at heart}. Be it Chieftains, Warriors, Serf & Oracles they all inspirer my mind, which inspirers my hands, which in turns listens to the clay as it talks to me, which helps me shape its form and release it beauty .

Firstly I must thank some groups and People [friends & mentors]

Mt Morgan R.A.D.F & Arts Queensland who partly funded my Solo Exhibitions with me, Daphne MacKinnon my Greatest Mentor & Adopted Mum, Lynda Painter a great friend & Adopted sister { and Elizabeth}, My Wife Karin who give me the freedom to express my Artistic expression. Monica , Gary & Paul my beloved children who help me no question asked. Trisha Greinke for showing me that I had a gift in throwing on the wheel. Roy & Jackie Gasson {Clay Shed} for helping above and beyond the call, Also to Jackie Gasson for shonwing me the wonder that is SODA FIRING , To Greg Daly for lighting the Glaze fire that now burns deep in my heart, Thank you to you all and thank you from my heart for believing in me. Also I would like to take this time to thank my God thank you Jehovah for blessing me with a gift that laid hidden for almost forty years and thank you for these people that bought it out and made it blossomed for the world to see.

Now here is a Intro with a bit about the Artist Mick Blake


A Dyslexic Dropout Become a Inspired Artist
Mick Blake
Sculptor, Potter & Blacksmith
Artist Introduction

Hi To All, my name is Mick Blake; an emerging Mount Morgan potter / sculptor / artist / painter is holding his first exhibition, "Goldmines and Gargoyles”, this introduction is to introduce myself.

I’m a late comer to the art world, I as a Dyslexic Dropout had not done any art since high school 1976, when walking past the potty potters Galley I seen a lady taking lesion and that was in late 2002 . Since that day I have gone on to finish a course in “Certificate Introduction to Pottery, were I obtained a high level in both Basic and advanced Wheel-throwing and finishing Practices, A variety of decorating & glazing techniques, Making glazes from recipe, Packing and firing a kiln for both bisque and glaze firing which I completed on 28.06/2003. I have also attended workshop both here in Mt Morgan and Rockhampton on both wheel work and hand sculpting as well as glaze workshops for advanced potters.

Mick as also just finished in August a four day Glazing workshop on the Sunshine Coast called “BLAZE” which Mick is hope to in corporate in some of his newest pieces.

I have also run hand building courses at the late “Potty’s Potters” for kids and Adults, I have also just done workshop Demo’s at “John Cani Estate” for Daphne MacKinnon. I have also coroneted and fire a great winter soloist pit firing of Mt Morgan Pottery Group.. At this point in time I’m have ran Pottery workshop of the Mt Morgan Centre State School on Friday afternoon between 12pm and 1:30pm for the non-sporting kids. Plus a Glaze workshop for years 5,6,7 at Mt Morgan Centre State School , Has Only held two successful Solo exhibition with each running for seven day first in Mt Morgan School of Art Building from 22nd - 28th October 2006 & Rockhampton Walter Reid Cultural Centre 19th - 25th November 2006 with over 500 people viewing these Exhibitions. Plus now has help a group of workshop Beginning in Clay & Under Glazes for Vacation care of the Local Mt Morgan Hub Youth Center in January 2007

My sculptures have won Champion novice sculptor, Champion sculptor of show and Champion Potter of show, At that time I had been potting for less then one year.

So as I use clay, rock, Hebel block, Bronze, fibreglass, leather, sandstone, steel and fire in my pottery and sculptures, real any thing in the box and every thing out side the box. I love throwing stuff on the wheel, but my loves are my sculptures which include Witches, Gargoyles and garden features. Plus Abstract paintings

But I'm keen to learn more and more about this great Art form

I have two kilns, one small 2/12 cubic foot eclectic a 12 cubic foot Gas kiln. I'm just in the process of buy the gear to build my new Brick lined gas fired kiln. It will be an arched kiln and 36 cubic foot with 4 gas burners. Plus a 60 cubic foot Wood kiln.

I hope that this show that anyone can do it you just have to have the passion and will.


Photos are here Please enjoy


Mick is now working on his

Third Solo Exhibition,

He is hope to have this ready mid 2009 around 100 + pieces,

Plus he is also working on being part of a mixed exhibition in FRANCE in late 2009

Here my Greatest Mentor & Adopted Mum Daphne MacKinnon with me (Mick Blake)

My Adopted sister Lynda (in red) and Her partner Elisabeth, Lynda has both supported and inspired me in my pottery & sculptures

Here is Daphne MacKinnon with her Daughter Kate Moore {MacKinnon} whom is a great artist in her own right at my Solo Exhibition Rockhampton Walter Reid Cultural Centre

Here Mick and couple of his Gargolyes Siren ($500) & Minitor

One of Micks abbstract forms Searching


First Solo exhibition atMt Morgan School of Art Building at this exhibition I had 46 pecies of my work & 22 paintings.

Here is a couple criticing some of Micks 46 pecies & 22 paintings at Mick's First Solo exhibition atMt Morgan School of Art Building.

I will be loading up photos of my painting in the next day or so here one for straters

6-Stormy sunset

7-Fields of Dreams

3-Gargoles Feasting


5-Copper Glow

10-Gates of Hell





12-Galaxtic Gargoil


Mick Blake’s
Sculptures & Pottery
, "Goldmines and Gargoyles",
Gallery 6
Walter Reid Cultural Centre
19th November 12noon to 3pm
20 th - 25th 11am to 3pm daily

1-Celtic Offering $1000 SOLD
2-Siron $500 Sold
3-Minator $500 S/P/E
4-Martha $250 SOLD
5-Judy N/F
6-Doris N/F
7-Daphney N/F
8-Weeji $100 sold
9-Cadji $250 sold
10-Set of six bowls depicting the changing colours of the mine $300 S/P/E
11-Decay $75 sold
12-Rising Summit $100 sold
13-Pinnacle $150 sold
14-Set of 3 Tiles depicting the mood of the mine site $75 S/P/E
15-Slag Dump $50 sold
16-Searching $75 sold
17-The Teaparty $95 SOLD
18-At the beach $80 Sold
19-Celtic Funeral Shield $80 sold
20-Gargoil wall tile – Kadu $200 s
21-Gargoil wall tile – Mijar $200 s
22-Gargoil wall tile – Darwick $200 or set of three for $500 [20/21/22] sold
23-The pit N/S
24-The Slag Heap $75 sold
25-Turkish Lidded Bowl $200 SOLD
26-Tenmoku Bowl $30 sold
27-Celtic Pitcher N/S
28-First Piece N/S
29-33-New Glazes which have been wood fired to 1280 degrees at the blaze work shop From $40 to $1500 Please check number tag for price and availability
34-38-New Glazes which have been fired in a soda kiln to 1280 degrees in 4 hours at the blaze workshop From $25 to $200 ea Please check number tag for price and availability
39-Kiji $55 Unfired or $200 Glazed fired sold glazed
40-Four Faces of Life $50 sold
41-Egor “THE KILN GOD” $50 SOLD
42-Ruby $250 sold
43-Mt Morgan Mozzie $250 removed from sale
44-Barney a modern bunyip $275 removed from sale
45-Mathar $1500 removed from sale
46-Celtic Fencing $175 removed from sale

Mick Blake’s
Mick’s Paintings
, "Goldmines and Gargoyles",
Gallery 6
Walter Reid Cultural Centre
19th November 12noon to 3pm
20 th - 25th 11am to 3pm daily


1-Mt Morgan Wattle $75 SOLD
2-Dee River $75 SOLD
3-Gargoils Feasting $300 S/P/E
4-Smelter $75 SOLD
5-Copper Glow $75 SOLD
6-Stormy sunset $300 SOLD
7-Fields of Dreams $300 SOLD
8-Powder Keg $500 S/P/E
9-Valhula $300 SOLD
10-Gates of Hell $300 S/P/E
11-Nightmare Dreaming $300 SOLD
12-Galaxtic Gargoyle $800 SOLD
13-Mystic Dreaming $500 SOLD
14-Journey $800 SOLD
15-Stormy Dream $250 SOLD
16-Storm Surge $300 S/P/E
17-Clearing Storm $275 S/P/E
18-Forrest of Dreams $650 S/P/E
19-True Price of Gold $175
20-Gargoil Dreams $250 SOLD
21-Mining Mayhem $500 S/P/E
22-Lepricorn Lament $175 SOLD
Foot Note,
N/S =Not For Sale
S/P/E = Sold Pervious to Exhibition going on Tour


All work showen here is by Mick Blake of Basilisk Gallery Baree Queensland. MjBlake