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Hi Mick....just to let you know, the pastel blue lacewing is doing beautifully! She is already flying down onto me, and seems to be getting on ok with her new mate.....well, they aren't fighting, (as he was doing with his old mate) which is a good sign!

I have named her Arshia. I found a web site with indian boys and girls names together with their meanings. Arshia means devine.....
how appropriate!



Our local airstrip was closed, and the flight diverted to Normanton (72km from here) so we got an unexpected little journey.....that's OK, we'd re-arranged our schedule for the afternoon anyway, and it is good to get away every now and then, even for a few hours.
Also I could pick up some more varieties of ingredients for making up the wet lory mix.

They did not seem at all phased by the travel.....reckon I suffered more stress than them, trying to organize things outside of my control ! John & Lyn had no worries in Cairns at all.Thank God for old friends, eh?

The birds appear in excellent condition and we appreciate all the trouble that you have gone to in getting them to us.


Jo and Dave

Good morning Mick

Have taken a few photos of the black caps - - they are difficult subjects, won't stop for a second, and so inquisitive..... !

Best wishes to you and family for CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR


Joanne + David



Thanks once again, it has been a pleasure to do business with you. They
seem to have settled into their new surrounds without any problems or

I will be in touch again when I am looking for more mutations etc,

Would it be possible for you to send me your nectar mix recipe, the
missus is getting on my tail about it.

Bruce & Gail Ryan
Wagga Wagga


Hi Mick,

Thought I'd drop you a quick note and let you know how these guys are going. We got them into their new aviary last weekend and they are really happy. I've attached a couple of photos for you.

Andy is a bit peeved because I got Morris onto my arm. Gena is going in the nest box but I'm not expecting miracles for a while yet.

Tell me, is it normal for her to stoop down low (like she is going to fly) and flutter her wings - I don't know if this is her mating thing as our other eckie didn't do it (but she was a lot younger).

Thanks again for everything.


Tue, 6 Feb 2007 16:42:42 +1000 (EST)

Hi Mick,

Hope life has been treating you well.

Just a quick update on Gena & Morris - am happy to say I have 2 eggs in the nest and these guys are not quite 2 1/2 yet. Even if they aren't fertile, I can tell you they both sure have been practicing. My hubby calls them Romeo & Juliet cause they are so romantic.

Just thought I'd drop this quick note to let you know how happy we are with these guys.

Christine Kirkwood

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Pk (12) Tue Dec 19, 05:27 PM 1163114823
Positive : Once again very happy would recomend this seller to anybody beautiful big bird thanks alot Mick

Lorri (1) Wed Dec 13, 09:26 PM 1163376976
Positive : Great service and very genuine guy will definitely be purchasing more birds from this guy. Thanks Mick.

Tassy (1) Sun Nov 05, 04:46 AM 1161766900
Positive : very helpful and patient excellent birds for an excellent price. it was a pleasure doing business with you

Birdlover1963 (1) Fri May 19, 04:59 PM 1147743702
Positive : I've never bought sight unseen before & am impressed with Mick. My birds are beautiful & healthy, Mick is a wealth of information & eager to share. Thanks Mick - we are rapt. Definitely an AAA+++

Jayson (10) Sun Apr 23, 08:14 AM 1145087207
Positive : Excellent Breeder and Top quality birds, Goes out of his way to help, Great all round Bloke, Very Happy. Thanks Mick AAA++++

Pk (11) Tue Mar 21, 06:18 PM 1139968904

Pk (11) Mon Mar 06, 07:56 AM 1139714977
Positive : Beautiful bird very happy thanks Mick

Shazbut (3) Wed Feb 22, 07:42 PM 1139969429

Shazbut (3) Wed Feb 22, 07:36 PM 1139971408

Blackant (4) Tue Feb 21, 06:53 PM 1140329384
Positive : Thanks mick, birds home and in their aviary very happy and will buy from this seller again Cheers and thanks again great service.

Qringneck (4) Fri Dec 09, 06:13 PM 1133384339
Positive : Absolutely fabulous.Top notch service,help and fantastic birds to boot. He really cares about his birds!!!!!!!!

Pk (11) Tue Dec 06, 08:11 PM 1133384705

Nikia (1) Mon Nov 21, 10:16 AM 1131753016
Positive : The transaction was very smooth with lots of communication & "Fred" was freighted down safely. I would happily recommend this breeder to anyone thinking about purchasing a new friend/family member.

Mossy (6) 1131494061
Positive : a++++ and commented on the way you shipped your birds so everyone will see that your a great supplier of birds and care for them after there left your nest

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Lory (17) Tue Nov 01, 08:05 PM 1130051019
Positive : fast payer bought extra birds highly recommend to anyone thanks mick.

Zorro (43) Sun Jun 05, 08:12 PM 1117711883
Positive : AAAAAA Good to deal with, fast payer AAAAAA

Zorro (2) Tue Dec 14, 11:19 AM 1101964510
Positive : AAAA Good to deal with , nice birds . good communication. Professional transport and good boxes with clear to read information. Thanks AAAA

Harro01 (0) Mon Dec 13, 07:03 PM 1102206370
Positive : Extremely happy with my purchase...she's a lovely hen! Seller was an absolute pleasure to deal with...very helpful and has offered assistance for the future! Thanks so much.

Sak (3) Mon Dec 06, 08:31 AM 1101596384
Positive : Very happy with purchase. Dungeonmaster also very willing to help with any questions and information to ensure the birds will remain healthy and happy. Thankyou.

Pk (5) Tue Aug 31, 11:43 PM 1093928119
Positive : Beautiful bird very happy.WILL definitely deal with this user again.AAAAAA++++++

Perroquets_exotiques (4) Sat Jul 24, 09:04 PM 1089548105
Positive : Pleasure to do business with.A+++

Birdsaway (3) Fri Jun 04, 10:38 AM 1084853105
Positive : Great as usual birds in perfect help and great person to do business with

Birdsaway (3) Wed May 19, 02:34 PM 1082244039
Positive : once again great a no fuss transaction thanks

Birdsaway (3) Wed May 19, 02:31 PM 1081286805
Positive : great person to deal with and we would gladly deal with again

Perroquets_exotiques (4) Sat Apr 17, 12:57 AM 1078886431
Positive : Pleasure to do business with.

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Hi Mick,

Just to let you know that Fed arrived safely and was happily chatting to the AAE boys when i picked him up.

I will send you some happy snaps of him when he settles in. I have decided to keep his name as Fred as it seems to suit him.

I will leave you positive feedback when i get to work on monday as i cant remember the password on my birdbuys account.

Thanks so much.


Two happy people pick up they latest acquisition Kelly on the left of screen is holding Pastel violet lacewing Hen2006 bred This is they forth Violet from us & Paul on the right of screen holding a 31/32 Pure Lutino Alexandrine second or third Alex from Us here at Karmic Aviaries.

Paul holding a 31/32 Pure Lutino Alexandrine Hen 2006... nice big bird and a happy camper.

Quoted feedback from Paul, "Beautifully coloured big hen EXTREMELY HAPPY WILL DEFINITELY DEAL WITH Karmic Aviaries AGAIN.GREAT SERVICE. Thanks Mick"

Hi Mick,

The birds arrived OK and in fine feather. They are bloody lovely and just what I expected them to be. Thanks again for the prompt and excellent service. Hope that not too far down the track we can perhaps do some more business perhaps Green-naped or similar Rainbow species. We had our Club Xmas party at our place last evening and I was only too pleased to talk about the birds and of your service.

cheers Jim and Jenn

Jim and Jennifer van Reyk from BLACK RIVER, QLD 4818. VIA Townville, Bought two pairs of Pale headed Lorikeets.

From Wendy Davey from Townville 17/04/2012

One again a huge thank you to Mick & Karin Blake for the wonderful quality birds i received yesterday Not only are they stunning but they have settled in without a care in the world This now Make's 9 in total i have bought and i couldn't be happier

Wendy has bought two consignments if IRN's (Indian Ringneck's) inn Violet in both DF & SF.

This is from Lisa Jewells in Cairns QLD , she buy a DF Voilet Blue cock and a couple Skyblues.

Hi Mick,
Lisa tagged you in a post.


Lisa wrote: "So stoked with the new birds I got from Mick Karin Blake tonight :) Going to bed now to dream of beautiful purple ringnecks lol Will post some pics over the next couple of days..."Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! So VERY happy right now :) They are all absolutely beautiful!

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