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Now 100% Extoic birds only,

We now only breed non-permited parrots.

Just Click on the Photo of the Birds that you like and this should take you to its current auction site so that you can view other photos of this birds and read it's details. This is one of my Ideas to streamline our web site and make it user friendly, I hope that you enjoy and remember that you can call as and ask about these birds and if we have any others that maybe coming up for sale.

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Please No Phone calls before 8:30am EST and after 8:30pm EST

Monday & Tuesday's Closed

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This is above is N.S.W Base company,

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Payment by Cash, Express postal money order . We will air freight Australia Wide. We will air freight to any major city, Australia wide with all freight costs incurred to be paid by the purchaser.



We are not a pet shop or pet dealership, We are private parrot breeders, so supply of animals can be very seasonal. If we have a good season then we have lots to sell and vice-vresa if we have a bad season then number are limited and our order book run on a first in first served basis, we sale out you miss out. I reserve the right of sale,