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We no longer breed Fallow Rainbows

Fallow Rainbow Mutation.

© Mick Blake Karmic Aviaries Baree Queensland Australia

The Fallow mutation is a wild caught mutation which first occurred in the Feral flocks of Rainbow Lorikeet in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. We first hear about this mutation back in 1994/95 when a chap phoned us and told us about this wild caught Rainbow lorikeet which had flown into his backyard, At first I though maybe a Dilute{cinnamon}but it had bright red eyes and white clear feet and toes.

Newly hatched Fallow rainbow chicks, they look very much like a lutino rainbow chick. but not until they feather up that they show their true colours. Anyone who in the past may have thought that Fallow were just another Dilute{cinnamon} well think again these are what I said as if you had combined the Lutino & Dilute rainbow to make one of the most beautiful mutation you will see.

Two Fallow chick 9 weeks at Karmic Aviaries Baree Queensland,

Twelve Day old Fallow at Karmic Aviaries Baree Queensland,

Five week old Fallows at Karmic Aviaries Baree Queensland,

Yes a truly a most Beautiful Mutation.

© Mick Blake Karmic Aviaries Baree Queensland Australia





Our Lorikeet diet here at Karmic Aviaries

Fruit and Veggies we feed the lorikeets -Bananas, cucumbers, apple, silver beet, capsicum, orange, peaches, pears, grapes,

mango, paw paw, passion fruit, rock melon, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini,

broccoli, corn, peas and sprouted seed about a tablespoon mixed through the mix. 

They receive about a 1/4 of a cup each day when not breeding and as much as required when breeding. 

They also receive about 2 or 3 slices of apple in the afternoon. 

When breeding the amount of apple is also increased.

Nectar  Mix


1          packet Heinz High Protein Cereal ™.

1/2       cup dextrose (sugar supplement)

1/2       cup Nestle’s Maltmilk power ™.™.

1/4       cup raw sugar

1/2       cup good quality skim milk powder

Heaped teaspoon Avian Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

Dry  Mix


2          cups Heinz Rice Cereal  ™

2          cups Rice Flour

2          cups Egg and Biscuit

1          cup dextrose

1          teaspoon Avian Multi-vitamin power

1/4       cup Sustagen Gold (French Vanilla Flavor)™.

1          tablespoon Natural Powdered Brewers' Yeast (Cenovis) ™.

1          Tablespoon Calcium powder (complete). ™.


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