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Mick and Karin Blake Owners and operators of Karmic Aviaries

Hahn's Macaws


Yellow-Collared Macaws


We have set up a five pairs Hahn's Macaws & we are look forward to setting up Yellow-Collared Macaws etc

Karin with 3 babie Hahn's Macaws (two are hinding )



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Specializing in Indian Ringnecks including Violet factors & Lacewings................ Rainbow Lorikeets in Lutino, … Green-nape Lorikeets in Lutino............., Exotic lorikeets :- Ornate etc..... Conures :- Black-capped & Crismson-bellied & Caiques… Amazons :- Yellow-crowned & White-fronted....Plus Rare Mutations in other Exotic Parrots and lorikeets,

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At Buyers cost
Will Air freight Australian wide

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Cash. Express[faxed] Postal Money orders &

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