100% Licence Free birds

We breed Limited numbers of Pied Rainbows

at Karmic Aviaries

Green Pieds & Grey-green Pieds

Rainbows Lorikeets

At Karmic Aviaries we are now specialized in mutation Rainbows Lorikeets this page is deditcated to the Pied


Normal Double Factored Pied

Photo by Mick Blake

4 day old Normal Double Factored Pied

5 week old Normal Double Factored Pied

Normal Double Factored Pied

Normal Double Factored Pied




Grey-green Double Factored Pied

Grey-green Double Factored Pieds & a Single Factored Greey-Green Pied (aka Streaky Head)

Photo by Mick Blake


The white down chick is a DF grey-green pied


Grey-green Double Factored Pied

Grey-green Double Factored Pied



Our Lorikeet diet here at Karmic Aviaries

Fruit and Veggies we feed the lorikeets -Bananas, cucumbers, apple, silver beet, capsicum, orange, peaches, pears, grapes,

mango, paw paw, passion fruit, rock melon, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini,

broccoli, corn, peas and sprouted seed about a tablespoon mixed through the mix. 

They receive about a 1/4 of a cup each day when not breeding and as much as required when breeding. 

They also receive about 2 or 3 slices of apple in the afternoon. 

When breeding the amount of apple is also increased.

Nectar  Mix


1          packet Heinz High Protein Cereal ™.

1/2       cup dextrose (sugar supplement)

1/2       cup Nestle’s Maltmilk power ™.™.

1/4       cup raw sugar

1/2       cup good quality skim milk powder

Heaped teaspoon Avian Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

Dry  Mix


2          cups Heinz Rice Cereal  ™

2          cups Rice Flour

2          cups Egg and Biscuit

1          cup dextrose

1          teaspoon Avian Multi-vitamin power

1/4       cup Sustagen Gold (French Vanilla Flavor)™.

1          tablespoon Natural Powdered Brewers' Yeast (Cenovis) ™.

1          Tablespoon Calcium powder (complete). ™.


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We are NOT OPEN to the Public

This means we are a closed flock Facility and for Quarantine purpose no visitor allowed.