Basilisk Gallery I use clay, rock, leather, steel and fire in my pottery and sculptures. Here is some fire the bearth of the Basilisk.


Here is the Pit being perpared by one of the Basilisk Warlocks wood nyphs This is LYNDAC a nyph of the flame.

The bearth of the Basilisk trying to escape

This pit fire burn as hot as hell for about six hours and took three days to cool down

Some whichs and like fresh from the pit.

Here is Pompay and Turkcan these large earns sold for serval hunderd dollars each once they were cleaned up. The colours I have use on these are all natrual oxides.

Here a couple of pit fired whitches. The larger one won Champion novice scupltor, Champion scupltor of show and Champion Potter of show I have been potting for less then one year at the time.


All work showen here is by Mick Blake of Basilisk Gallery Baree Queensland. MjBlake